Family Support
The Connection's Family Support programs provide high-quality homes, supportive case management and treatment to at-risk adults and children across the state. These programs have proven in national studies to effectively address chronic homelessness and save citizens money by reducing or eliminating far more expensive alternatives, like hospitalizations, prison time, and shelter stays. Our programs have earned national recognition from the Child Welfare League of America and the Social Policy Institute.

Who benefits? Chronically disenfranchised adults and children. 

Why do it? By providing support , we are teaching people to live more independently and are, in many cases, preventing generational cyles of abuse and neglect.

With what results? Last year, our Supportive Housing for Families (SHF) program reunited 75% of the families served. Our internal analysis shows that three-quarters of our clients move on to more independent settings.

At what cost? In national studies, supportive housing has been shown to be less than half as expensive as the alternatives - prison, shelters, and hospitals.

4Connecting Children & Families
4Elm City Women and Children's Center, New Haven
4Hallie House for Women and Children, Middletown
4Intensive Supportive Housing for Families, Norwich
4Mother's Retreat, Groton
4Women's Recovery Support Program
4Eddy Shelter of Middlesex County
4Ruoppolo Supportive Services, New Haven
4Supportive Housing Fairfield
4Supportive Housing for Families®
4Supportive Housing Litchfield
4Supportive Housing Middlesex
4Supportive Housing New Haven
4Supportive Housing New London
4West Village Supportive Housing - New Haven
4Robert T. Wolfe Supportive Housing - New Haven
4Young Adult Supportive Housing Program
Behavioral Health

Addiction and mental health issues are at the heart of many problems The Connection addresses.  We operate five free-standing outpatient behavioral health clinics, run a nationally-recognized problem sexual behavior clinic, and deliver empirically-validated psychosocial rehabilitation approaches at all of our programs.  In so doing, we deliver a preventative approach of the problems of addiction and stress, and provide opportunities for hope and recovery to all outclients.

Who benefits? People with long-standing addiction issues who are trying to turn their lives around.

Why do it?  By preventing substance abuse and behavior-related problems, we are improving the community for all.

With what results?  Eighty percent of the clients at The Connection's behavioral health clinics successfully complete their treatment, and 99 percent do not re-offend.

At what cost?  By getting to behavioral and substance abuse problems at their core, we are preventing a far greater toll on our service systems later.

4Dwight House, New Haven
4Michael J. Perlin Center for Substance Abuse Intervention
4Norton Court, New Haven
4Outreach and Engagement, New Haven
4Park Street Inn, New Haven
4Park Street Residence, New Haven
4Pendleton House, New Haven
4Recovery House, New Haven
4The Bettor Choice
4The Connection Counseling Centers
4The Connection Prevention Services

Community Justice
The Connection has long been one of Connecticut's recognized leaders in improving community safety and justice by helping those involved in the crimial justice system become productive and valued citizens.  Starting with our original program, Connection House, one of the first halfway houses in the state, to our latest, a unique scattered site apartment program for people leaving prison, we have provided the necessary residential, rehabilitation, and supervisory services to help people turn around their lives.  Working closely with our funders and service partners, we have utilized proven state-of-the-art cognitive behavioral treatment approaches to successfully reduce criminal recidivism.

Who benefits?  People leaving prison who are re-entering society.

Why do it?  Every known study on criminal recidivism has found that positive support helps predict successful and safe adjustment in the community.

With what results?  Three-quarters of the Connection's community justice clients successfully complete their programs.

At what cost?  Our community justice beds cost a third less than prison.

4Cochegan House, Montville
4Connection House, Middletown
4Crest Center (Community Reporting Engagement Support and Treatment Center)
4Eddy Center, Middletown
4REACH (Re-Entry Assisted Community Housing)
4Roger Sherman House, New Haven
4SIERRA Center, New Haven
4The Center for the Treatment of Problem Sexual Behavior

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Agency Programs

Somewhere in Connecticut, there’s a child at risk, a breadwinner out of work, an addict seeking freedom.  That’s why The Connection has so many programs to help people get back on their feet.  Whether it’s family support, behavioral health, or community justice programs, the caring, professional staff of The Connection has been instrumental in transforming the lives of our neighbors in need for more than 40 years.

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